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where a military plane just left the air base carrying the coffin of ambassador christopher stevens and three other victims of that attack. stevens is a graduate of piedmont high school and uc berkeley. jodi hernandez begins our team coverage of that consulate attack with reaction from those who knew the ambassador best. >> reporter: as you mentioned, stevens graduated from uc berkeley and tonight the cal community is mourning his loss. those who knew him say he was all about service, dedicated to making this world a more peaceful place. >> it's a big responsibility when the president and the secretary of state send you to a country and the highest priority they give you is the safety and security of american citizens in that country. >> reporter: but chris stephens took that responsibility seriously. it's browning's job to recruit diplomats on the uc berkeley
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campus. he met with stevens just before he left the u.s. for his new job as ambassador to libya. >> i was struck by the fact that he was eager to go. he was earnest. i think he was looking forward to his first ambassadorship. >> reporter: george served with stevens in the peace corps in the '80s. he taught english to kids in a small moroccan town and he says even back then, stevens dreamed of becoming an ambassador. >> he just fell in love with morocco and that part of the world. it was the shark that shaped the rest of his career. >> reporter: the east bay native studied law at uc hastings in san francisco. >> he would pop in my office if he was in town. levine says he's not at all surprised stevens gave his life trying to save others. >> he could have literally sent
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in the marines. there's a battalion there protecting the embassy. he didn't do that. he wanted to be there and take his people and get them back to safety. he knew he was taking a risk. he did it any way. what more do you need to know? >> he epitomized tolerance, understanding and respect. that's really what this country needs more of. >> reporter: stevens is being remembered here tonight as a true hero. i had a chance to talk briefly with stevens' sister in law this morning. he said that stevens mother and sister in law were in yosemite in vacation when they got their news. they were on their way back here to gather with the rest of the family to process what has happened. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. this attack is triggering serious concern about the political implications here at home. this is a look at cairo, egypt. this video taken just a few minutes ago. this is where it all started,
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thousands gathering to protest outside the united states embassy. once again, this is in cairo. earlier there, there was a peaceful glepeace ful demonstration. let's bring in stephanie trong who joins us with more. >> reporter: one expert says it doesn't matter what sets off these attacks, be it a koran burning or a controversial video, that there is so much hostility towards the u.s. in the middle east that anything can spark the violence. the other expert saying it's the reaction from the leaders in egypt that's truly troubling. >> terrorist groups operating in a country where there's no control. islamists who might use libya as a base for terrorist operations. >> reporter: allen winer says it refeels libya as a failed state.
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he says an even bigger worry is what was said outside of benghazi, the egyptian government's demands. >> by calling on the united states to condemn americans who have engaged in hateful speech towards muslims and it reflects widespread unrest and skepticism and hostility towards the united states. >> reporter: senior fellow thomas henrikson says now the u.s. may be wary whether libyan leaders are invested in working together. >> we saw that in egypt, where the government will say one thing to us, and another thing in arabic to its followers. >> reporter: the attacks that killed ambassador stevens may reveal the instability of the libyan government itself. after all, he had been a friend to the rebels, supporting their fight to overthrow gadhafi. libya, plagued with political instability, compounded by
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extremists who hate america. >> we can't say, well, we're going to take a break for our elections. we can't say, we're going to leave it alone and walk away. we tried that back in the 1990s and we got 9/11 as a payback. >> reporter: henrikson adds that what the u.s. should be focusing on is whether libyan leaders will round up the people who carried out these attacks to see how committed the new leadership is. we've learned bay area police departments are increasing security around religious buildings. we want to be clear here, there is no specific threat. however, san francisco police tell us that they're adding extra patrols in response to the violence abroad, as well as the jewish high holy days that begin later next week. what's the impact of this embassy attack on the presidential race and how foreign policy is now stataking
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center stage. one day after a san jose catholic high school warned parents about misconduct by a jesuit brother, another school sent outleters about the same man. brother william fairington was a teacher in carmichael near sacramento. he left the school following two reports following two reports of unidentified misconduct. yesterday, parents and alums were notified a former student claimed he was abused by ferrington when he lived on the campus in the '60s when he went to sacramento. the jesuits organization characterized the accusations as credible. new details emerging about the software engineer accused of killing a chp officer last week. papers indicate that 36-year-old christopher lacy worked at his
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new job for just seven days before that shooting. he worked at a firm called mine source, a company spokesman says that lacey was assigned to provide consulting at various tech firms and that initial feedback from clients was positive. but his neighbors say he didn't like the bay area and didn't want to move there. so he commuted, 200 miles each way. a warrant served on lacy's home indicates he had a ten-second conversation with the officer before shooting him in the head. we're getting our first look at surveillance video in the chevron refinery fire. a vapor cloud released moments before the fire erupted in richmond. investigators say they're trying to determine what was released in that cloud. that answer could be critical, because at least 18 refinery employees were exposed to it. investigators say parts of the
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steel pipe had thin to roughly the thickness of a penny. officials want to know why the pipes weren't inspected in november when another pipe was replaced. it's thinner and lighter with the bigger screen. apple unveiled the iphone 5 this morning. does it live up to the hype? scott, what's the fast feedback from the techies? >> reporter: i'll tell you, the iphone 5 does feel a little different. we had a chance to play it with earlier today and it comes with a few new features. but it doesn't take much to excite the apple faithful, which makes it a good bet we've just seen the next big silicon valley hit. ♪ with a band that knows something about touring around the world providing the soundtrack -- >> this iphone 5.
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>> reporter: apple, the world's most valuable company, took the wraps off its newest iphone, the 5. >> one thing that struck me is it almost felt like a piece of fine jewelry. >> reporter: lighter and thinner, but still longer, adding an extra half inch to the screen. with an eight mega pixel camera, including a feature that lets you take panoramic photos. >> behind the scenes in realtime while you're panning, it's taking slices of photos, stitching them together, creating seamless transitions for one beautiful panorama. >> reporter: it's also a faster phone, with a forepowerful chip inside to give app makers better graphics to create with. >> look at the graphics. they've been built to full quality and they're running on a powerful new iphone. i mean, all this is running in the palm of your hand. >> here is an album from bruce
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springsteen. >> reporter: apple also upgrading the i tune software. >> it will be a monster holiday season. remember, the individuals who had the 3-g and 4 phone, not the 4-s, but the 4 have contracts that are just coming up. and those will all be wanting to update. >> reporter: a new phone and new tune. to take a bow all over the world. the iphone 5 will cost you, depending on how much storage you want inside, from $199 to $399. you can preorder the phone september 14. they go on sale september 21. reporting from apple headquarters, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> he said it was like holding a fine piece of jewelry. so just who's buying or waiting for the next version?
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that story coming up at 6:45. if you missed today's announcement from tim cook, right now on our website,, we uploaded all of the raw video and photos from inside this big event. still to come at 6:00, fighting poverty in silicone valley. the solution local leaders say will ease the burden on the poor. plus -- >> save the bay has released its list of trashiest waterways in the bay area. we'll have details coming up in a live report. how about this. bank robbers giving back. yes, they're throwing cash out of that car. the l.a. car chase that brought hundreds of people out into the streets. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. a sweet midweek forecast. a lot of sunshine and temperatures up a little bit from yesterday. we're getting that typical on shore cooling with 60s across the bay and warming in the south bay for tomorrow. we'll talk about who will be the hottest in just a few minutes. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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our neighbors, perhaps our friends and family members, more people than ever before are living in poverty in california. the census report shows the gap between rich and poor is at an all-time high. kimberly terry is in san jose this evening with more on the new numbers and the local impact. kimberly? >> reporter: funding for social services has been cut and yet the demand for them is at an all-time high. chairties say they're forced to do more with less, much like the families they serve. >> poverty isn't statistics, it's people. >> reporter: and today there are more people living in poverty in california than ever before. the rate rose from 16. 3% to 16.9%. >> people are making due with what they've got and stretching things out. >> it's very frustrating. it's so frustrating particularly
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when every publication you pick up says silicon valley is leading the recovery. there's an entire section of this community that is saying where? show me. >> a number of people served has doubled in the last four years. >> and that shows no sign of changing at this point in time. so for us, we haven't seen the recession stop. it's still going on. >> reporte >> silicon valley is the 11th wealthest community in the nation but one of the lowest in giving. >> our capacity to give here has no relationship with our actual giving. >> reporter: this group says people also need to make more money. that's why they're pushing for measure d. to pass, increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour.
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opponents of the wage increase say it will burden small business owners who will be forced to push that cost on to customers or reduce the number of hours they give to employees to compensate. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. volunteers looking fores sierra lamar will only conduct searches on saturday. she vanished on march 16. the suspect in the case will appear in court later this month. he's yet to enter a plea to the murder and kidnapping charges in which he faces. governor jerry brown signed the new pension reform into law, but some are vowing the fight is not over. the leader of the california schools employees association is focusing on a possible legal battle over the constitutionality of the reform law. the group's position is that once you give an employee a benefit, you can't legislate it
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away. >> 100% of that $55 billion savings is out of the employee's hide. so the employees are losing $55 billion in retirement benefits. so those that say this is a tweak, it's a significant cut. >> the new pension bill was negotiated between the governor and legislature. labor groups argue that more reforms could have been reached had the reforms been negotiated at the bargaining table. making sure everyone pays their fair share, the new goal of a proposal by three city council members. it aims shutting down local businesses, particularly medical marijuana shops, for not paying taxes. that proposal is being heard right now to determine whether it should be put on the city council's agenda. if passed, the proposal would allow the city to shut down or revoke the licenses of those tax delinquent businesses. only half of the city's
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dispensaries, rarely, if ever, pay the mandated tax and the city has no authority to shut them down. coyote creek, baxter creek, what do they have in common? they top the list of save the bay's annual report today. it's not a list you want to be on. >> reporter: jessica, there's a total of five different sites in the bay area that have been designated as trash hot spots. one of them is coyote creek. but we did start the day in oakland. the trash ranges from being the seeming by benign -- >> i'm just going to throw it on the street and it ends up right in the bay. not so jolly rancher. >> reporter: so the obviously insidious. >> things like this, syringes, they're dangerous. you shouldn't pick them up.
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>> reporter: save the bay revealed its bay trash hot spots. these are places so filled with garbage that they violate the clean water act. this year there are five hot spots. this place is littered with styrofoam, even drug paraphernal paraphernalia. >> it's getting into the ecosystem, so everything from ducks to birds to small animals end up eating it and dying. it's really hideous. >> reporter: the hayward shoreline is on the list for a second time. >> everywhere where we seem to go, it seems to be a conflict of beauty and nature and trash that we've contributed to. >> reporter: also on the list for a second time is this creek in santa clara. the epa can hold most cities accountable through their storm water permits. >> that permit requires that by 2022, there's zero trash going into the bay and the counties
6:20 pm
and city also be held accountable. >> reporter: shopping carts litter coyote creek. the creek is on the list for the fifth year in a row. the hope is that the cleanup will pick up the trash and open some eyes. >> the real benefit is seeing that all of this trash is coming from us. it's a wakeup for people when they see that this is trash that's coming from all of us. >> reporter: the fifth hot spot is baxter creek in rich mohammo. let's bring in jeff ranieri now with how we're looking as we creep through the weekend. >> weather is just going to continue to improve here. we had 78 in santa rosa. 78 in san rafael. 84 in concord. close to 90 in livermore.
6:21 pm
84 in south san jose with a mix of 60s and 70s from san francisco to redwood city. what we're finding is more of this dry northerly wind taking shape here in oakland. that's a sign of some of this heat starting to build. not doing too much at the coastline. 60s from san mateo to oakland. however, it's mild right now back into the east bay. let's take you outside live on this wednesday. very clear skies if you're commuting back into walnut creek or livermore, but hazy in the south bay. san francisco, we have low clouds and notice the multilayers in the atmosphere tonight. that's a sign of high pressure moving in getting rid of the fog. when high pressure this strong moves in, it could mean triple digits. it will stay just offshore, so we'll get slight offshore winds and plenty of heating down to the surface.
6:22 pm
fog in the morning and most of the fog is right offshore. not expecting widespread fog to move inland. by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, sunny skies should be greeting us. high als will top out in the up 80s and low 90s. we'll have more on the seven day in a little bit. >> thank you, jeff. modern day construction unearthing a prehistoric site. the discovery thought to be more than 10,000 years old. one year after the deadly plane crash, the planes are taking to the skies again. the new safeguards to keep spectators safe at the air races. this is an rc robotic claw.
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my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education.
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that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ those popular reno air races officially kicked off today one year after a plane crashed into the grandstand. this year there's a greater emphasis on safety.
6:25 pm
you may remember this moment when the airplane crashed last year. 11 people died and more than 70 others were hurt. this year, race organizers made a number of safety changes which were recommended by the ntsb. the course has been moved 150 feet away from the grand stand and the final turn is less sharp. there's also a new process for inspecting the planes and a new focus on pilot safety training. >> i was a little skeptical last year, but things have come to fruition. >> glad to be here. glad there are just die hard fans that won't let this die. >> organizers say the races bring in some 200,000 spectators and $80 million to the area. >> there's a new way to commute on the bay tomorrow. the company, tideline marine group will offer on call service similar to a limo company,
6:26 pm
including pickup and dropoff as far away as the north bay. a second company, san francisco water taxi will shuttle people beginning next month. the port commission approved the plan just yesterday. >> that's a smart idea. still ahead, president obama declares justice will be done after a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy in libya. what we're learning tonight about the ambassador killed and his connections to the bay area. we've uncovered more information about the anti-muslim video inciting all the violence in the middle east. and the video is so controversial, it's being blacked out in some countries. the story in your international headlines, next. the wait is almost over for that new iphone. the iphone 5. but is the rush to get this new phone slowing down? back in a moment. most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's
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color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. win a design consultation with me, candice olson, at
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flags over the u.s. capital at half staff tonight in honor
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of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans killed during an attack on a diplomatic post in libya. house speaker john beoehner ordered the flags lowered this morning. the story is global but the emotion very local because ambassador chris stevens went to piedmont high school and then to uc berkeley. tonight, the fragile diplomatic situation is taking on political overtones. just after the news broke of the attack, candidate mitt romney accused president obama of "making an apology for american values and sending mixed signals in the wake of the attacks." he was referring to a tuesday statement issued by the administration. >> the white house saying the statement wasn't cleared by washington and that reflects the mixed signals. >> make no mistake, we will work
6:30 pm
with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> tonight, an official source says the white house is investigating whether the assault on the consulate was a planned terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of 9/11 and not a correspondespontaneous mob en attack. >> you just heard it, foreign policy is now a hot topic in the campaign. mitt romney making some bold comments there. let's bring in our political analyst larry. potentially a big campaign opportunity for romney and president obama. is that how you see it? >> i'll tell you something, almost every presidential campaign has an october surprise we call it, something that replaces everything else, like late september 2008 when the economy tanked. well, we may have one here or may not. it's too early to tell. but we do know that mitt romney
6:31 pm
started this fight by claiming that the president was appeasing terrorists with a weak foreign policy. the president responds that romney was shooting first, aiming second. another way of saying the gop was very much uninformed and careless and this exchange now is 24 hours old and no sign of stopping. >> is this a game changer potentially for governor romney, a good way or bad way changing the landscape here? >> it's high risk, high reward politics. when you criticize the president on foreign policy, it's usually a losing fight from the challenger, because the president has so much more experience. in this case, that includes the successful assassination of osama bin laden. it doesn't get much better than that when you're talking foreign policy. but here's the deal. the big problem for romney is that the nation is now going to chew on this for another two or three days, this foreign policy, instead of romney's best weapon, the economy. just like with the abortion
6:32 pm
fight a couple weeks ago, when the discussion was on anything but the economy, the economy team feels a lot better. >> it makes it interesting for people watching. what happens now, what happens next? >> in about 72 hours or so, the usual issues will reemerge. but unless romney can show that he was dead on in criticizing the president, his campaign is going to lose more precious time, more prestige when they don't have enough of either. and given two well respected studies just today show a 79% likelihood that obama will win on november 6. getting back to the economy can't come soon enough for the romney team. >> larry, thank you for your insight as always. we're learning more about that controversial video that's inciting the violence in the middle east. >> janell wang is with us now with our headlines. >> the video is only 14 minutes long, but it's inciting rage
6:33 pm
across the middle east. nbc has made a decision not to show the video, which is titled "innocence of muslims." it's an amateur production portraying the prophet muhammad as a homo sexual and child abuser. for many muslims, it's blasphemous. we learned the video was produced by an israeli immigrant who uses the name same besile on line. and authorities have stepped up security across the midwest, including the city of tripoli. in cairo, egypt, riot police guarded the u.s. embassy after protesters showed up in force for a second day in a row. yesterday, they even breached the compound. a similar scene in the capital city of tunisia. demonstrators there burning the american flag and chanting anti-american slogans. in afghanistan, the government has shut down youtube so people there can't watch this movie. the afghan president condemned
6:34 pm
the video and said inadulting islam was not allowed under freedom of speech. the band will remain in effect until the video is taking off youtube. people in egypt are also unable to access the movie on youtube. in other news overseas, the u.s. is enlisting two unlikely allies to help support their stance on iran's controversial nuclear program. the u.s. has persuaded russia and china to support the resolution that says political pressure is better than military force when it comes to getting iran to stop its nuclear activities. this comes just one day after israeli prime minister netanyahu condemned the u.s. for not taking a more aggressive approach. israel is threatening to take matters into its own hands. with everything going on, one of the world's top leaders is noticeably effort. china's vice president is scheduled to take over as president next march, but he
6:35 pm
hasn't been seen in almost two weeks. this is file video of him. he missed several high profile meetings, including one with secretary of state hillary clinton last week in beijing. there are reports he suffered a stroke or heart attack. china is being tight lipped and not saying a word. >> thank you, janell. a retired priest will not face perjury charges. father jerry lindner told the jury during the william lynch child he never molested anyone. he was facing charges for beating up the priest in his retirement home. lynch admitted the beating and said he did it in retaliation for the alleged molestation. his lawyer said hinder perjured himself when he denied molesting anyone. he said lindner's brief and stricken testimony could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. a spike in burglaries has people in one peninsula city making sure their doors and
6:36 pm
windows are locked. police say burglaries have hit a five-year high, in the northwest and southeast parts of the city. there were 26 burglaries just in august. five so far in september. that's a jump of 50% over last year. so police are telling everybody, use common sense. lock your doors. lock your windows. keep everything tight. also at night when car break ins are also on the rise. suspected bank robbers tossing cash from a speeding suv and tv cameras captured it all. this is in los angeles. people were glued to their tv sets this morning. for 20 minutes, that black volvo cass driving around in a neighborhood. residents ran out, hoping to cash in as money was being thrown from that volvo.
6:37 pm
the streets grew more crowded with cars and people. you see the gridlock down below. police captured the two men and found a gun and a knife in that car and plenty of cash on the streets. >> that scene playing out on live tv with choppers totally los angeles. mcdonald's adding something new to its menu and it may make you think twice about your order. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're turning up the heat a little bit on thursday. instead of 80s inland, low 90s. and if you are looking ahead to the 49ers this sunday, sun for you tailgaters with 60s. more coming up.
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in health matters, before you take a bite, you'll know what's inside that bigmac. mcdonald's will now post calorie counts in all its restaurants nationwide. california mandated restaurants with 20 or more locations to put calorie counts on their menus last year. now a new health care law will require the same in 2013. the world's largest fast food chain is testing healthier options for next year, including a lighter version of the egg mcmuffin with canadian bacon and egg whites. a discovery in san francisco this week of mammoth proportions, as in woolly mammoth. an 11,000-year-old tooth was dug up, and part of a jaw that once belonged to a woolly mammoth.
6:41 pm
it was found about 110 below the construction service, found by a grain operator. the tooth was in tact and well preserved. it's been donated to the academy of sciences where they will be on display. >> it was kind of surprising. i would never guess that they would ever live in the bay area. the first thing to come to your mind is frozen land, alaska. so it's pretty exciting. >> it is. and they did. paleontologists say 11,000 years ago, san francisco was a grassy valley has be valley. >> 11,000-year-old tooth. amazing. >> we learned this last year in fourth grade. >> i think i did a live shot
6:42 pm
last year holding one of those. >> he's like cliff claifen. he knows so many things. >> that fog also prehistoric. we'll let you know when that gets out of here, coming up. here's what we have coming up in sports. the 49ers' defense tends to get all the credit, but how is the offense turned into one of the best in the nfl? and why stanford won't be usc's only opponent this week. we have the answers in a few minutes. i'm a native californian.
6:43 pm
times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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as apple has proven, people will spend lots of money on their cell phones. 20% of people spend more on their cell phone plan than their groceries. nearly half pay $100 or more for service. 33% pay more for their mobile phone service than basic home utilities. iphone 4, 5, iphone 7, it's hard to keep up. >> reporter: it seems the only constant in the world of
6:45 pm
technology is change. today's cutting edge is tomorrow's classic. >> i'm always looking for the next best thing. >> reporter: his pursuit of the latest and greatest phone has been a whirl wind endeavor. considering just a month ago he jumped ship from an android to iphone. >> i got the 4-s first, but i'm excited about the 5. >> reporter: now he's planning to buy an iphone 5 the second it goes on sale. >> i like the screen, because the screen is a little bigger. i'm excited about that. >> reporter: still, he wasn't excited to find out the iphone 5 has a different dock than the old phone. >> all my family have iphones. when i come with the new one, just in case i forget my charger or whatever, i'm not going to be able to use theirs. >> reporter: while he still plans to line up when it goes on sale, kale williams won't. >> when this place is packed, probably not. >> reporter: he figures he'll
6:46 pm
give his 6-month-old iphone another six months before trading up. >> whatever you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow. but it will serve your purposes while you're using it. >> everyone is really excited and tweeting about it on my timeline. so i'm definitely aware of it. >> reporter: but the hype didn't get to april. she figures new iphones are like cable cars. another one will come down the hill in a few minutes. >> they do the same thing, victoria's secret does it, they make a bra, then make one better. >> i found 16 hotels. >> reporter: but trish isn't waiting. >> if you're not up to date, you're going to get left behind. >> jeff, have you been left behind yet? >> he's going to preorder. >> i'm going for it, yes. let's take a look at that marine layer and fog. it helps me track the weather, guys. we have a little of that cloud
6:47 pm
cover for tonight, but the marine layer and fog is having a tougher time moving in. temperatures in the 60s here along the coastline. a sign of the heating coming your way, despite the fact that we have then shore wind. 83 in livermore, a sign of that hot air aloft moving down to the surface. let's bring you out to the live camera. a beautiful picture tonight. we have poor air quality starting to build. so a lot of that haze will leave colors in the atmosphere as we head throughout the next couple of hours and that air quality will suffer. more on that coming up in the forecast. next 48 hours, we'll have that area of high pressure moving up from the south. a slight offshore wind, but also all of this hot air in the upper levels, eventually translating down to the surface. this is what should be good enough throughout thursday and friday to get us some warming right up against the coastline.
6:48 pm
we'll go more with a mix of 60s and 70s. widespread sunshine down into the south bay from 80s at the bay to 90s in the interior valeries in the east and south bay. and it looks to stay hot as we head into friday's forecast. so air quality is going to suffer. for those of you in the central bay and the east bay, that's going to go to moderate levels. speaking of allergies, if you're like me, and it gets tough here throughout the entire year, when those allergies spike, this is not a good time. most of the allergens at the moderate to high category. so if your eyes are watering, the allergies, well, they're up there. low 50s in the north bay. 57 in san jose, and low 50s for santa cruz. daytime highs won't get extremely hot, but we will see
6:49 pm
them edge up. morgan hill at 90. 86 in san jose. it will be the east bay where you're really going to feel it, when this hot air gets trapped. 93 in walnut creek. 92 in livermore. not record setting but five to six degrees above average. 86 in santa rosa. we promised some 70s near the coastline from san francisco to pacifica. 76 in berkeley and 75 in oakland. three-day forecast. temperatures in the low 90s thursday, friday and saturday. and 80s by the bay. 70s at the coastline. by the weekend, we see the temperatures going down on sunday when raj, i hear the 49ers are going to be on nbc playing at candle stick. tailgaters will even have some sunshine on sunday. and by next wednesday, some of the forecast models picking up on moisture that could get
6:50 pm
close, maybe an indication of showers. we're just going to have to wait and see on that one. but as for the game on sunday, if you're looking forward to it, weather not too bad for san francisco standards. >> perfect football weather. thanks, jeff. let's get to sports. ♪ >> how are you, jim? >> hey, guys, how is it going? it's been a long time. let's see if i know how to do this. let's begin with the nfl. the 49ers' defense, they tend to get all the credit, but i'll tell you something, it's the postgame hand shake that's going to go unnoticed every sunday. but after last year's fiasco in detroit, all eyes will be midfield after the game this weekend, which you will see on nbc bay area. calvin johnson was held out of practice this afternoon with a foot injury.
6:51 pm
but don't get your hopes up, fans. he's expected to play on sunday. if the game turns into a shootout, the san francisco offense is more than capable of putting points on the board. mindy bach has more. >> reporter: alex smith was part of a fumble and interception that led to nine points last season. >> the strongest correlation to winning and losing is the turnover ratio. and we understand that. you can't just go out there and be conservative and try not to turn the ball over and win games. but the goal is try to execute and win the turnover battle. >> reporter: since last season's upset over the lions, smith has executed 185 straight pass attempts without an interception, setting a franchise record during sunday's win over the packers. >> i had no idea. very cool. obviously, it's an elite group here that's played this position
6:52 pm
for this organization. you know, definitely an honor to be mentioned with those guys. >> reporter: as smith is not the only player who touches the ball rngs ball security is emphasized daily. >> he does talk about it, daily. and coaches it daily and does a fabulous job. as good a job as anyone of us have seen done in that regard. i think that the men that are handling the ball, tom deserves a lot of credit there. so a streak we would like to keep going. >> reporter: that record that harbaugh mentions dates back to last season. the 49ers have played 26 consecutive quarters without a turn year. a franchise record. but if smith is looking for the nfl record for most pass attempts without an interception, he has quite a ways to go. that record is held by tom brady at 358.
6:53 pm
>> mindy, thank you very much. to college football we go. usc head coach lain kippen is at it again. he's banning scott wolf for two weeks after wolf reported an injury. that's something he's trying to outlaw. stanford hosts sc this weekend. the race in the n.l. west might not come down to the wire after all. giants are six games up on the dodgers, which is their largest lead of the season. so let's go out to the mile high city. giants up 3-0 and brandon crawford with warning crack power. a double into the right field corner. a play at the plate and sanchez slides in safely. but he's shaken up as he mikes a knee pad to the solar plexis. he lost his air. giants up by a score of 5-2.
6:54 pm
to the a's, since the all-star break, the a's are 38-17. that's the best record in baseball. it's getting to the point that someone might want to call brad pitt and clear his schedule for "money ball 2." >> out at second. the throw to first. double play! and that's the ball game! >> incredible win last night. a's won their 11th straight on the road. are you kidding? that's one shy of the oak land franchise record. now, when the a's get that walkoff win, the hero gets pied in the face with shaving cream. so afterwards, he tweeted where's my pie, guys? no love for pitchers. i don't know what it takes for a guy to get pied. oh!
6:55 pm
you thought it was coming, didn't you? >> i thought it was coming. >> no whip cream on that. >> you wait until 11:00, jim. >> i know, it's coming. it's in my belly, that's where the whip cream is. >> watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. you two have to stop. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
coming up at 11:00, the battle is bubbling up in richmond over a battle over sodas and other sugary drinks.
6:58 pm
that's tonight at 11:00. >> have a great evening. >> bye-bye. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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